Genealogy Resources

This page offers the genealogist many different resources available on the internet.  If you have some additional ones that you would like us to add to this page, please send them to us at

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CLICK HERE for a handy city/county locator


 CLICK HERE  for a guide on finding graves.


CLICK HERE  for the Library of Congress project to scan old newspapers and make them available online.


CLICK HERE  for the story of the Northern Neck Proprietary and the accompanying squabbles between the local Virginia Colony government and the Fairfaxes.


CLICK HERE  for a Virginia Atlas of historical county boundaries.



CLICK HERE  for Hening's Statutes, being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia from the first session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619.



CLICK HERE  for a guide to determine the actual baptism date in German church records.  Learn what Sunday was called Laudete or Quasimodogeniti!



CLICK HERE  for useful Historical Currency Conversions.



 CLICK HERE for tips on preserving and restoring old photographs.



 CLICK HERE for a great resource on digital images and printing tips.






 CLICK HERE for more tips on scrapbooking and telling your family history.



 CLICK HERE for a superb resource on conserving all your family treasures.


 CLICK HERE for more tips on conserving your treasures from the Minnesota Historical Society.

 CLICK HERE for great tips on organizing and preserving your family memories.



CLICK HERE for more tips on doing genealogy work from Gena's Blog.



 CLICK HERE for an explanation of Ahnentafel genealogy charts.




CLICK HERE for access to Virginia Chancery Records.