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GRG Germanna Conference Presentations!

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Conference DVD of Ann Miller of the Virginia Transportation Research Council. Ann speaks on colonial Virginia as she unveils the conditions and methods of road construction in early Virginia and Madison County. Roads were invaluable then as they are now and colonial Virginians understood their importance. Many roads were toll roads built by private entrepeneurs such as turnpikes in which a log, or pike, blocked the road until the toll was paid at which time the pike was turned up to allow travelers to pass. So many fascinating insights are shared by Ann that your understanding of our ancestors travel challenges in colonial times will grow dramatically.  

Conference DVD of the inimitable John Blankenbaker who details the historical events in Europe that motivated our Germanna ancestors to leave Germany and how they ended up in Virginia.  John takes you back in time to the real life issues that were facing our ancestors in their native land that induced them to make the arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. John’s vast array of knowledge insures that everyone will enjoy a much greater understanding of why and how our ancestors traveled thousands of miles in perilous journeys to start a new life in the remote lands of Virginia.

Conference DVD of Suzanne Collins Matson riveting explanation of how some First Colony settlers ended up living in the Second Colony area known as the Robinson River Valley. Suzanne’s lively talk is enhanced with beautiful images of the Robinson River Valley and representative images of early settlers.  You will with Suzanne's guidance, understand the significant differences between Lutheran and Reformed religious beliefs of our German ancestors and the important role those differences played as well as the historical origin of those differences

Conference DVD the guru of Madison County history, Steve Hoffman, who shares his amazing breadth of knowledge of the construction techniques and history behind the building of the Hebron Lutheran Church that are distinctly German. Steve’s vast expertise in restoring period woodwork enables him to share insights into the substantial skill that went into building the oldest active Lutheran Church building in America.

Special Conference DVD  of Bill Barker, talented historian and actor who portrays Thomas Jefferson at Colonial Williamsburg, who speaks about Thomas Jefferson and the issue of slavery in colonial Virginia and America. Without written notes, Bill captures your attention with his commanding presence and captivating voice as he relates the history of slavery and Thomas Jefferson’s relationship with that institution. No college class could compete with the education Bill provides to you in this DVD. This  classic presentation will leave you with an almost euphoric sense of new understanding of Thomas Jefferson, slavery and the history of Virginia.

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Ann Miller on Colonial Transportation, only $20 and FREE shipping.

 John Blankenbaker on German Immigration to Colonial Virginia, only $20 and FREE shipping.

Suzanne Matson on First Colony Settlers in Robinson River Valley and Lutheran vs. Reformed Church, only $20 and FREE shipping.

Steve Hoffman on the construction of the Hebron Lutheran Church, only $20 and FREE shipping.

 Bill Barker on Thomas Jefferson and Slavery, only $25 and FREE shipping.